Ed Puzzle

Edpuzzle is a super easy way for teachers to increase classroom engagement and gather data on student’s understanding of content. Teachers can take video from many sources or create their own and embed quizzes for formative assessment or provide instructions for independent learning activities. Check out the Edpuzzle example below.

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QR Codes

Why use QR Codes in your classroom? Student engagement may only be one reason to use this technology.
What is a QR Code?
A QR Code or Quick Response Code is 2D barcode that is made up of a large square with smaller squares inside. Originally developed by Toyota to help with parts inventory the data stored in these codes can contain many different types of information.
What do I need?
The process of using a code is really simple. First you will need to download a QR Code reader. Both Android and iOS stores have plenty of options available. Search for “QR Code reader” in the app store. I’ve had the best luck with the i-nigma app with consistent positive results. Once you have downloaded a QR Code reader scan the code in the center of this section.

QR Code resources:

Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites – Start here. This is just one of Jerry Blumengarten’s excellent list of links for educators.

Math Cathy has created a PDF worksheet that uses QR codes.

Blog article by Principal Eric Sheninger on digital leadership and QR codes in the math classroom.

Great ideas on this blog post with many ways to use QR codes.

50 QR code resources for the classroom.

 QR Codes for Education

Getting started with QR Codes (pdf)

QR Codes information from Texas A&M

More ideas on QR Codes in the classroom

40 Interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom (pdf)

The Organized Classroom Blog on QR Codes



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Audacity – Audio Editor

Audacity is such a great tool and it has so many applications when integrating technology into the classroom. I am amazed that the program has been available for year and yet some teachers have never hear of it. Feel free to share the resources that you find in this episode of Two Minute Tech Tips. The links below will take you to an interactive page that will let you choose individual sections of the training video, a downloadable .wmv version of the video, and a simple handout that can be used during training or just by your side until you get comfortable with the tools.

Check out the links below to see how others are using Audacity in the classroom.

Keri-Lee Beasley – 10 Great ways to use Audacity with students

 21st Century Educator – How can you use sound in your classroom

Ways your students can use Audacity

A great Livebinder by Laura Ann Griffith with Audacity links



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Two Minute Tech Tips – iBooks Author


Apple is ready to shake up the education world again with their newest software released today, iBooks Author. Prior to today’s release those wishing to create their own ePub for iBooks had to create content in Pages, Apple’s very powerful word processing application. The process is very much the same now as it was in Pages, however now you have the ability to add different types of media (images, audio, video), a photo gallery, 3d images, interactive media, and html code. As if that was not enough, you can now embed quiz questions that will allow for self-assessment of the presented content. And it all runs from the iPad. How awesome is that?

Also, with an Apple ID you can register for an iTunes Connect account and download the iTunes Producer software. The combination of these two will allow you to upload your new iBook to Apple’s servers for distribution.

Apple’s promo page:

Gizmodo does a great job at explaining the many features of the new software here.

Get some basic help from Apple here:

Two Minute Tech Tips – iBooks Author from David Futch on Vimeo.

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Two Minute Tech Tips – Wordle Advanced

Two Minute Tech Tips – Wordle Advanced from David Futch on Vimeo.

Thanks for visiting the site. This is our second video on Wordle which shows some of the advanced features of the Web 2.0 application. In this episode we cover how to group phrases together so they may be identified in a word cloud. We also take a look at weighting specific words for specific sizes as well as selecting a specific color for the words buy using the HTML hex code.


In order to choose the best color for your word cloud you will need to know what HEX code corresponds to the color you want. The links below will take you to sites that will allow you to match the color to the HEX code. Once you have the proper code you can copy and paste it into Wordle based on the example given on the website.  Good Luck!!



216 colors from VisiBone – http://html-color-codes.com/
Great HEX code resources from W3Schools – http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp

If you can’t find the color you are searching for in the links above a Google Search of custom HEX colors may help.

NOTE: We will be cross posting Two Minute Tech Tips on TeacherTube and Vimeo in the next few weeks to help with schools and teachers that have YouTube blocked in their schools.

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