Two Minute Tech Tips – Wordle Advanced

Two Minute Tech Tips – Wordle Advanced from David Futch on Vimeo.

Thanks for visiting the site. This is our second video on Wordle which shows some of the advanced features of the Web 2.0 application. In this episode we cover how to group phrases together so they may be identified in a word cloud. We also take a look at weighting specific words for specific sizes as well as selecting a specific color for the words buy using the HTML hex code.


In order to choose the best color for your word cloud you will need to know what HEX code corresponds to the color you want. The links below will take you to sites that will allow you to match the color to the HEX code. Once you have the proper code you can copy and paste it into Wordle based on the example given on the website.  Good Luck!!



216 colors from VisiBone –
Great HEX code resources from W3Schools –

If you can’t find the color you are searching for in the links above a Google Search of custom HEX colors may help.

NOTE: We will be cross posting Two Minute Tech Tips on TeacherTube and Vimeo in the next few weeks to help with schools and teachers that have YouTube blocked in their schools.

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  1. Nice! I didn’t know about any of the advanced tools. Thanks.

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