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Apple is ready to shake up the education world again with their newest software released today, iBooks Author. Prior to today’s release those wishing to create their own ePub for iBooks had to create content in Pages, Apple’s very powerful word processing application. The process is very much the same now as it was in Pages, however now you have the ability to add different types of media (images, audio, video), a photo gallery, 3d images, interactive media, and html code. As if that was not enough, you can now embed quiz questions that will allow for self-assessment of the presented content. And it all runs from the iPad. How awesome is that?

Also, with an Apple ID you can register for an iTunes Connect account and download the iTunes Producer software. The combination of these two will allow you to upload your new iBook to Apple’s servers for distribution.

Apple’s promo page:

Gizmodo does a great job at explaining the many features of the new software here.

Get some basic help from Apple here:

Two Minute Tech Tips – iBooks Author from David Futch on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow! iBooks Author is amazing. Thanks for getting us going.

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